Become a member

Benefits for associated members of the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance, e g operators, suppliers, consultants and other organisers


  • Possibility to participate for free in an annual information meeting* arranged the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance. Serves also as an opportunity of establishing contacts with other associated members. (*Not the Annual Conference or the Broadband Conference.)


  • Discount on the participation fee for the Annual Conference and the Broadband Conference


  • Possibility to participate as exhibitor, and arrange workshops, at both the Annual conference and the Broadband Conference


  • Access to contact information for local fibre networks


  • Access to material and brochures on the website



  • Receive our newsletter with telecom news (In Swedish)


  • Receive news flashes for updates on the website (In Swedish)


  • Possibility to sign up for the services Cesar, GLU, Stadsnätsfabriken and Varumärket.


The annual fee to the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance

The annual fee consists of two parts. One part is the service fee based on the member’s operations and the other part is a member ship fee equal for all members.


Annual fees


Membership fee

Service fee


750 SEK

18 000 SEK


750 SEK

11 000 SEK


750 SEK

  9 500 SEK



How to apply

Fill out an application via this survey.

When we have received your application a notification of receipt will be sent to you.

Thereafter the application will be processed at the upcoming board meeting.


Please note!

It is the company/organisation who applies for membership, not the person filling out the application form.

‘* The definition of an Operator is a company/organisation who has reported its operations to PTS -- Post- och telestyrelsen (The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS)) according to the Law (2003:389) about electronic communication. Please follow the link to see the full list.