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Här kan du läsa mer om HP Networkings certifierade produkter.

For HP Networking the SEC certification is important as it proves that standard based Ethernet equipment from HP can be successfully used and implemented in a secure way into metropolitan area network solutions. The HP Networking Comware OS that has been certified is the base of our A-Series portfolio which makes it very easy for customers to select products from a wide variety of configurations into this type of usage scenarios knowing they all offer SEC security standards.


HP A-Series
HP E-Series ( Former Procurve )
  • Certified E-Series
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2626
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2626 PWR
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2650
  • HP ProCurve Switch 2650 PWR
  • HP ProCurve Switch 3500yl
  • HP ProCurve Switch 5406zl
  • HP ProCurve Switch 8212zl
  • HP ProCurve Switch 6200yl-24GmGBIC


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HP ProCurve SEC v3.1 (in Swedish)